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Loving Heart

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These are so touching that I felt they should be here, with the permission of the writers. They may be *t*

scars are a necessity

yes i learned hurt. but then i learned love. a scar is just a reminder.

satan told me, "dark is your home",
and at one time i listened.
God's word whispered in my ear...
"live in Me... I'll set you free!"
this time i believed.
satan called me, "you sinner!"
God's word gently said,
“you've been set free”
this time i remembered…
i know who is the father of lies!
“you sinned again, and now you're mine!”
satan danced around my head.
God's word cut him sharp like a sword…
i know i'm not his prisoner any more.
looking past the pit of dispair,
replaced by peace, it's no longer there.
God stayed by me and whispered in my heart,
and when i began to listen…
His wisdom i began to impart.
satan can no longer talk to me,
for i no longer listen.
i know i'm not his prisoner any more.
looking past the pit of dispair,
it's no longer there…
it's transformed by God's love…
into a fountain of peace.
only the peace found in His care.



Our second poem:

Ode to a Wifebeater: hit me again

hit me again

you believe somehow
that by holding me down
you will never lose the might of my love
in your warped mind
someway you find a fist
to my face is a form of grace
controlling the uncontrolable
i said hit me again
you can’t possibly know
that in these final blows
you are depriving yourself
my surviving passion for you
in your greatest fear
you lash out here
trying to hold onto
what you never owned

what you never owned

playing this role
has taken a toll on you
when you saw i knew
the facade that grew was nothing but a lie
oh but i cry for such a lie
a love that never was
for you never were
it was all a game
a shame to behold
as i watched your true self slowly unfold

Hit me now

you present such a mask
no easy task i would think
til i see you believe what you speak
twisting yourself in your mind
tangled lies become your truth
and in the mirror your reflection is that
of a martyr
a sacrificial lamb but it’s a sham
you are nothing close to all that i am

hit me

i admit it now that i
somehow twisted this as you have
and now i can only laugh
that i swallowed your distortion of truth
where inside i knew
the more you said sorry
the more i should worry
never happen again never happen again
i actually bought in to never happen again
the roses and cards
my favorite candy bars
to show that you are trying to change

Do it

well this i can say you were right today
i will clean my wounds
broken dreams in shattered ruins
and know it will never happen again

take your mask take your lies
take you damned sacrifice
and all you claim to have gave me
to save me from hell of my life and get out

Get out

save your indignation
manipulation put your concentration on how
you ***ed it up
how you killed my love
and the destruction and rage
that you are made of

your hand is no longer
stronger then my will
somehow still
you are standing in shock of this loss,
like you never believed i’d ever
walk out but see, i am strong now

I am strong now

one last warning
should you lay your hands on me
should you choose to come at me
take one single swing one slap
one push anything
to protect myself
and get out of this hell
look in my eyes you see its true
in my eyes see the truth
touch me again
and i will kill you

so go on

hit me again

~ by dawnsday


"Sleep, my child, and peace be with you, all through the night...Guardian Angels shall attend thee...all through the night" ~Old Lullaby
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