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PostPosted: Sun Aug 28, 2005 3:12 am  Reply with quoteBack to top

A word from God

For still he walks listening to the cry of your heart. For where the world has drowned out your cry by its excessive grasping for power and success, it is to you he comes.

How long has he sought after you. How many nights has he stood silently in the shadows unseen by you and those that surround you.

For it is he who weeps as he hears your soundless scream in the midnight hour. It is he who watches as you try in your brokeness to marshall together the fragments of your broken heart.

And so most beloved of his children, he now comes closer, the fairest of ten thousand.
And as he walks out from behind the shadows and you lift up your tear stained face to him, half blinded by the radiance from his most beautiful face, he reaches out his hand to you.

He reaches out his hand to touch you face and his touch lingers on your cheek as he brushes away the tears that flow.
And he smiles that most wonderous of smiles.


And you hear his tender whisper.

"I have sought you all your life".
"Through all the pain, through all the loneliness, I have sought you".
"Each time your heart broke soundlessly with the agony of not belonging, I sought you".
"Through each rejection, through each hour of despair, I sought you".
"I am here, loving you, reaching out to you".
"it was me all along".

That is his cry to you.

"Oh precious beloved child who I love more than life itself, how I am my father love to be with you".

"You are our great desire".

"My beloved, my heart has broken with the things that have broken your heart".

"For i see you struggle from one day tom the next".
"I see the tears of despair and the pain of rejection and I say to you, where no man has known your pain, I the Lord know your pain and I am the one who takes you up".

"For my arms reach out to you with a burning compassion for you, for surely I know the hardness of mens hearts these days".

"If you forgive those who have wronged you then i will pour out my spirit on you".

"In my book I instructed you to pray for those who persecute you, even those closest to you".

" I am he who sees and knows".

Dearly beloved, precious child you are not forgotten by me.
To you that has stuggled, been oppressed, misunderstood, been lonely, felt discouraged and backslidden, even suicidal.

My mercies are so near to you in this last age.
My compassion for you knows no limits.
I would reach out my arms to you and tenderly wisper your name.
I would draw you apart from the strains of living.
For your struggles are seen by me and so often in this church age, where my body has failed to take up your cause and has passed you over, my hands are outstretched to you, for SURELY you are not forgotten by me.

It is no coincidence that these words are in your hands.
Be assured of this, I have seen into your heart and I know your circumstances and just for a few moments I would draw you into my presence.

I am taking this opportunity to speak my comfort to your heart, to encourage your weary soul.
I would whisper to you, all is well my child, for your deliverer is here.
I am mighty in your midst.
Dont give up my child, yet a little while and my light will shine on you.
For you see, you are nothing without me, and beloved, where you have counted no man, you are of exceeding more worth than rubies to me.
Where no man takes you up, I come with my might arm of mercy and compassions.
For I would whisper again to your heart, dearly beloved, you are not forgotten by me.

Beloved I know it has seemed a desert place, I have seen your hands fall in despair and I have heard your voice and heart crying out to me.

I have seen the grieving of your heart.
I have seen into the depths of your heart.
You bring great joy to me when you draw near and ask to commune with me, for surely you have blessed the heart of my father.

As so my child, the father himself would gather you as his priceless treasure, beyond value, so surely you have touched the heart of the father.

And I say to you that in a short while your rose will bloom, where rivers and streams will burst forth.

For I am the rewarder of those who love me.

Oh my child, be strong, be of great courage and draw into my secret place.
For it is as you humble yourself amidst all your pain, it is in the crucible of all that seems to count so much, that truly you are crucified with me.

And so beloved child, in this place, do not be dismayed at all that surrounds you in this present time.
But rejoice in that the KING is your great right hand and know that if you worship me and me alone, i shall bring you forth in season.

For you know greatly beloved, that to wait for my approval, to seek my recognition, that the way of death to selfishness is the only way to eternal life in my kingdom.

So please be strong beloved, for I will NEVER fail you or forsake you, for surely you are in the furnace of affliction and you have touched the heart of the father.

Oh my child how I yearn for you, and beloved this day I would reach out my arms and call you gently, oh so gently, to console you.
And how my heart grieves for you beloved.

Because beloved, when you are so weak and vulnerable but relying on me, then you are made truly strong.
For your weakness is precious to me.

Disentangle yourself from all that is inside you and all that surrounds you into my hands.
Give your life to me beloved and you shall gain that higher thing which is peace and life and communion with me.

For beloved I know that you are weary, I see you so worn down with the pressures of each day, almost that you have lost sight of my hand apon your life.

And dearly beloved, as you enter this last age, so shall the pressures increase and your need for me will become more desperate.
For you see my love, without me you are nothing.

Apart from me you are able to do nothing, in your own strength you will be continually frustrated.
For it is only in a vital communion with me that in these endtimes you will be able to survive.

For you see MY LOVE, I have called you to abide in me.
The Father and I seek for those in whom we can live.
We seek those that hunger for our fellowship.
And through these ones that thirst for us, so will come greater miracles, greater healings and greater exploits that has ever yet been released apon the earth.

So come my child, you who are weary, come to me, come.
For I am your rest, your refreshing, your annointing, your ALL.

You see you are the reason I died, you are the one I love.

Come, come to me I implore you, come to me and I will set you free, that even your end days may be more radiant than the beggining.

Come, draw away from the lies and snares of the evil one.

My precious child come home to me.
For I have watched you battle with your mind and your thoughts.

And as you weep before me, surely my great mercies and compassions will overshadow you.

My blood will cleanse you from all sin

And so like Lazarus you shall come forth.

And you shall lift your hands to heaven and rejoice over the great victory over the hosts of hell who were once your master, for my love surely nothing can separate you from my unceasing love.

- Shaz

I am a R*pe survivor and a child Ab*se survivor and a Child of God

~ Shaz
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